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GUIDE ROLLERS - Downloadable pdf

Super-finished raceways of the Modern Linear guide rollers offer superior performance to competitors’ product. Smoother raceways translate to smoother and quieter operation in linear applications.

Modern Linear guide rollers are designed to replace existing rollers in linear applications. They are dimensionally equal to existing Dual-Vee and Schatz guide wheels. Our rollers incorporate a 90 degree groove angle and will run on existing track.

Compression resistant plastic rollers can be used with adapter bushings and aluminum rail.

linear guide rollers linear motion guides linear guide wheels

- Downloadable pdf

A new feature of the eccentric adapter bushing is designed to improve performance. Modern Linear adjustable bushings are designed with a knurled surface where the bushing contacts the carriage plate. This feature improves the holding ability of the bushing and wheel once it has been adjusted. Bushing slip is a leading cause of maintenance in this type of linear system.

Modern Linear adapter bushings are designed to replace existing bushings available in the marketplace.

New fasteners are in development to completely eliminate the possibility of wheels losing position during operation.

adapter bushings linear adapter bushings linear motion adapter bushings

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