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Modern Linear Guide Roller Technology. Simplify.

Smooth, fast, quiet, rugged. Individual components (guide rollers, bushings, and track) offer the widest variety of design flexibility for automated machinery.

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Vector Trio: Maximized Low Profile Design

Our Vector Trio line of linear guide systems creates a very compact design, ideal for two rail applications needed to transport large size (wide & long) loads.

heavy duty linear motion

Protecting Linear Components from Corrosion

In linear motion applications, protecting rail and track from corrosion is a paramount concern. Modern Linear offers a range of both stock and custom options for handling this issue.

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Commitment to Customer Service

Modern Linear works hard to meet the challenges of the ever-evolving world of automation. Shipping from stock, no minimum order quantity, and working directly on special and custom orders allows us to respond quickly to customer demands.

Working to Improve the Performance of Automated Equipment

Modern Linear develops products that offer superior longevity, improve machine performance, and lower operating costs. Our mission is to provide all of our customers with high quality, durable products, and outstanding customer service.

Guide roller benefits are numerous compared to competing technologies. They are smooth, fast, quiet, and extremely durable. From DNA scanners to CNC tables to robotics to drawer slides, guide roller components excel in a wide variety of industries and applications. The versatility of guide roller components offer unlimited integration possibilities.



compact, rigid, integrated. Double Edge Track simplifies
installation by eliminating the need for two separate tracks.

enduro actuator

belt drive performance

simple, durable, driven. the enduro linear guide
actuator combines the benefits of guide roller technology
with a smooth, maintenance free belt drive system.

designs to enhance linear systems

Modern Linear is dedicated to the improvement and
continued evolution of linear motion components.
We've developed unique products designed to meet the
increasing demands of the automation industry.