Adjustable Linear Guide Roller Bushings

studded guide roller


Our Adjustable Linear Guide Roller Bushings incorporate a unique feature designed to improve performance. The face of the mounting surface is knurled to resist slipping once locked into place.


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This feature improves the holding ability of the bushing and guide roller once it has been adjusted, eliminating bushing slip, a leading cause of maintenance in this type of linear system. This is especially helpful in applications where vibrations are present or loads are shifting.

You can see in the photo below evidence of the bushing face biting into the accompanying mounting surface and holding it’s position.


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The concentric bushing, also referred to as stationary, acts as a stand-off and compliments the spacing of the eccentric, or adjustable bushing. Most applications utilize a combination of both adjustable and non-adjustable bushings.




Modern Linear guide roller bushings are designed to accept common fasteners. When assembled, the hex head is turned to adjust the fit of the guide roller to the track. The fasteners are tightened down to lock the bushing in place, when ideal fit is achieved.




Bushings are available in 5 standard sizes, from BX-1 with 0.012 inches of adjustment, all the way up to BX-4XL with 0.060 inches of adjustment.


Design & Materials

Adjustable and stationary bushings are available for each of the five guide roller sizes. Standard bushings are made from 4L12 steel with an electroless nickel plating. 303 stainless steel bushings are also available. Standard height bushings are designed to accept a standard open-end wrench to make adjustments. Low head bushings are available for compact applications.


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