Double Edge Track: Guaranteed Parallelism for Linear Systems

double edge track

Modern Linear Double Edge Track offers a variety of benefits for a wide array of applications.  Compared to single edge track, double track offers many advantages. Design Compact : Two v-edges are incorporated into a single steel section.  Double Edge Track can be mounted continuously with center drilled holes or at each end for minimal…

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Guide Roller Technology for Heavy Duty Linear Motion

heavy duty linear motion

Heavy Duty Linear Motion Applications: Many applications involve vibration, heavy, and/or shock loads, in addition to environmental issues like contamination, temperature variations and corrosion. Some conditions like temperature and corrosion can be addressed with material or lubrication options, others are best addressed with linear components inherently designed to handle these conditions. Guide rollers, by design,…

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Linear Motion Design with Components

modern linear

If guide roller technology is the answer for the requirements and challenges of a particular application, there are several options for the equipment designer to choose from.  Modern Linear offers a variety of product options for selection, but all incorporate the benefits of guide roller technology. Linear Motion designs built around the basic guide roller…

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Protecting Linear Rail from Corrosion

heavy duty linear motion

In linear motion applications, protecting rail and track from corrosion is a paramount concern. Keeping the machine system clean and corrosion-free can be a particularly difficult task if the working environment is susceptible to moisture and contamination. When corrosion builds up on the moving components, accuracy and overall performance are diminished and risk of failure…

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Custom Length Linear Rail In the Box & Out the Door

linear rail

Here at Modern Linear, we work hard to ensure our products arrive to the customer in the best condition possible. That means taking the time to individually inspect, clean, wrap, and box every piece of linear track & linear rail that ships out. Linear rail can present some unique challenges when it comes to shipping…

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Adjustable Linear Guide Roller Bushings

studded guide roller

  Our Adjustable Linear Guide Roller Bushings incorporate a unique feature designed to improve performance. The face of the mounting surface is knurled to resist slipping once locked into place.     This feature improves the holding ability of the bushing and guide roller once it has been adjusted, eliminating bushing slip, a leading cause…

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Track Clamp: Linear Motion Versatility

linear carriage

  Linear Motion Versatility. When you have two pieces of single-edge track, mounting them parallel to one another is a paramount concern. Without ensured parallelism, there is no guarantee your linear system will run smoothly on your machine. The Modern Linear Track Clamp allows the use of two single edge tracks, ensures parallelism for your…

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Vector Trio: Compact, Versatile Linear Guide

vector trio linear guide

Our Vector Trio line of linear guide systems creates a very compact design, ideal for two rail applications needed to transport large size (wide & long) loads. The Vector Trio offers an easy to install alternative to individual components. The total assembly is made up of three standard v-groove guide rollers and carriage plate made…

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Save Installation Time with Studded Guide Rollers

modern linear studded guide rollers

Modern Linear studded guide rollers offer a simplified roller assembly for linear motion applications. Combining the roller with the bushing stand-off and fastener, eliminates 2 additional parts in the system design. Studded rollers are available in standard or adjustable (eccentric) designs as well as long or short studs. This variety offers alternatives for assembly in…

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Technology: Track Installation Options

linear motion track

When designing a linear system into a machine, dealing with installation and arrangement is of paramount concern. Modifying an existing structure may be tedious and difficult, while creating new structure/support may be prohibitively expensive. With Modern Linear track, the designer is offered a variety of methods to best suite their machine and application.   Track…

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Custom Rolled Track Gets the Special Treatment

curved linear track

A customer requiring completely custom, curved linear track necessitated our warehouse staff to really pull out all the stops. The double edge track is rolled to a precise curvature and won’t fit in our standard packaging. Cutting and sizing a wooden crate to the exact measurements, complete with sections to hold the accompanying carriages and…

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Custom Product: Rugged Linear Carriage & Spacer

steel linear guide carriage

A customer application in the oil industry needed the ruggedness and durability of the ‘All Steel’ version of our DT-4 Linear Guide. The guide rail was to be mounted to a steel beam. In a normal installation, the beam would be drilled with holes to match the through holes in the rail (track+spacer) assembly. Bolts…

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