Custom Length Linear Rail In the Box & Out the Door

linear rail

Here at Modern Linear, we work hard to ensure our products arrive to the customer in the best condition possible. That means taking the time to individually inspect, clean, wrap, and box every piece of linear track & linear rail that ships out. Linear rail can present some unique challenges when it comes to shipping due to it’s length. We opt for Reddi-Crate, reinforced with wooden end caps to protect and insulate the product during transit.

Our Linear track and linear rail can be purchased in a range of stock lengths to best suit machine design. Feel free to reach out directly if you’re looking for a custom size, as well.

For full specifications and product information: Visit our web store.



Linear rail laid out for inspection.


A quick double-check on quantities…


Each section receives additional wrapping for insulation during transit.


After trying a few different configurations, our guys decided laying the rail vertically worked best.


Good use of space, boys! With all pieces in place, there was no room for rail to shift or ‘wiggle’ around.


The Reddi-Crate gets taped and strapped before finally being ready to head out.