DT-2 Custom Track with Special Hole Spacing

dt 2

A customer who makes automated welding equipment required a special version of our DT-2 Double Edge Track. They chose our Double Edge Track, but in stainless for extra corrosion resistance, and with a completely custom hole spacing. Not only does the Double Edge Track allow for more compact machine design, it makes installation quicker and easier thanks to fewer fasteners and no issues with ensuring parallelism. With standard single-edged track, you would need to spend valuable time lining up the individual tracks to be perfectly parallel (which ensures a smooth rolling linear system). Modern Linear Double Track eliminates any need for that by having a single piece with dual edges. The accompanying carriage is also available from Modern Linear.

Modern Linear works closely with customers during the design process to ensure the right parts are chosen for the job. We’ve been happy to include special coatings, machining, lubricants, and even go with complete custom designs. We are always eager to collaborate on general machine design and discuss the merit of different linear guide options.