Custom Product: Rugged Linear Carriage & Spacer

steel linear guide carriage

A customer application in the oil industry needed the ruggedness and durability of the ‘All Steel’ version of our DT-4 Linear Guide. The guide rail was to be mounted to a steel beam. In a normal installation, the beam would be drilled with holes to match the through holes in the rail (track+spacer) assembly. Bolts with nuts and washers would fix the rail to the beam. In this case, due to the beam design and additional frame supports, this would result in awkward and difficult mounting. It became clear they would need a custom assembly designed to best suit their application.

The design was modified to allow for the welding of the spacer to the beam. The height of the spacer was increased from 0.625″ to 1″ and the mounting holes of the spacer were tapped. The added height of the spacer allowed for a longer thread length, increasing the strength of the track/beam connection. This design change eliminated the drilling of the beam and made for a quicker and easier assembly. It also simplified the mounting hardware since there was now no need for nuts to complete the assembly.

The end result is an extremely rugged, all-steel version of our DT-4 linear carriage and an integrated spacer that saved our customer valuable time (and money) during installation.