Functionality: Double Edge Track Linear Guide, Carriage Options

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Modern Linear Double Edge Track and Linear Guide are the fastest growing product in the entire product line. The main reason, is the system offers a relatively high load capacity in a compact package. Applications run the range from transit train door systems to agricultural equipment and 3D concrete printing systems.

Demands of some applications call for modifications or accessories to the system and components to optimize performance in demanding conditions and environment’s.

A 420 Stainless steel track option continues to be added through the size range with the complete offering available by mid-2023.

Carriage plates and track spacers are normally made from anodized 6061 aluminum but a steel option is available to increase durability in demanding applications like oil field equipment.

A lubricator option is available for applications where minimal maintenance is desired or required. A block of saturated felt is positioned at the track v-edge to deposit a continuous film of oil between the roller and track. The felt block is held in position by a stainless steel bracket. The bracket can be added to any DTC carriage without any additional hardware or modification to the carriage.

A scraper option is used on a 3D concrete printing application to remove any large chunks of concrete that may land and stick to the track during the printing process. The scrapers are stainless steel and are angled to easily knock off excess debris. The scrapers are adjustable to optimize positioning.

DTC-4 with lubricator

A brush option is used in an agricultural application to sweep away dirt and dust that may stick to the track v-edge during operation. The brushes are adjustable and the bracket is stainless steel.

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Brush Option Linear Guide