Linear Motion Advantages for the Food Industry

stainless steel linear guide

Modern Linear makes products suitable for food processing and packaging applications.  Special designs, materials and processes allow our guide roller components to meet the stringent standards of food related industries.

Modern Linear has always worked with customers to produce products with unique characteristics to meet specific and demanding application and industry requirements. Food industry linear motion applications are particularly challenging in the areas of corrosion resistance, equipment sanitation and reduced maintenance.

Our rollers and roller systems have been modified to include special designs and materials as well as seal options and lubrication systems. PTFE and thin dense chrome (Armoloy) coatings have been applied to single and double edge track for corrosion resistance and reduced maintenance. 

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A protective cover shields the rolling elements from potential debris and contamination while the integrated oil-soaked felt provides consistent lubrication to the track.

Aluminum carriage plates and support rails have been electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistance in applications that require detergent based cleaning.  Modern Linear also works with customers to determine if a special lubrication and seal option is necessary for their application or working environment.

The entire rail above was electroless nickel plated for added corrosion resistance. Special coatings can be paired with off the shelf 440C stainless steel rollers for optimum performance.

The Track Clamp allows for a track mounting option that minimizes areas that may catch food debris to facilitate equipment cleaning. In high volume food packaging and processing, having a machine down for cleaning can quickly become an expensive endeavor. Having the Track Clamp in place can provide longer intervals between cleanings, and a smoother and cleaner linear system overall.

The Track Clamp acts an offset moving the track and rolling elements away from the machine frame, while also ensuring that the two independent tracks are always running parallel.
Debris and other contaminants are allowed to fall down and away from rolling elements and the machine.