Guide Roller Technology for Heavy Duty Linear Motion

heavy duty linear motion

Heavy Duty Linear Motion Applications:

Many applications involve vibration, heavy, and/or shock loads, in addition to environmental issues like contamination, temperature variations and corrosion. Some conditions like temperature and corrosion can be addressed with material or lubrication options, others are best addressed with linear components inherently designed to handle these conditions.

Guide rollers, by design, can handle many of these demands. Modern Linear v-groove rollers integrate 2 rows of angular contact ball bearings. The balls are separated from each other and the 2 row complements are contained between the inner and outer races. The balls and bearing races are protected by shields or seals. All contamination is kept out of the ball path, unlike recirculating ball guides like ball bushings and profile rail guides, where the shaft or rail acts like the inner race. This design is susceptible to contamination and generally needs to be protected in rugged applications.


  • Durable by design. Balls and races protected from contamination.
  • Easy and simple to design. Fewer mounting points and machining required for installation.
  • No need to add expensive bellows and shielding to protected sensitive components.
  • V-groove guide rollers and track are inherently compliant to minor inaccuracies and system deflection.
  • Less surface preparation for track mounting.

Guide Roller Solutions:

Modern Linear guide roller components and linear guides offer maximum design flexibility. Designing with individual components allows the versatility that is important to optimize machine performance. Track and rollers can be mounted in combinations and orientations to achieve the best results considering cost and operation. Vector Trio and Quad as well as Double Track Linear Guides offer pre-assembled, pre-aligned systems that allow simplified machine design and reduce assembly time, potentially lowering overall cost. Full steel carriage plates & rail spacers are offered as an additional option for the most demanding applications.

Applications & Industries:

– Transport Systems
– Jigs & Fixtures
– Adjusting Mechanisms
– Aerospace/Defense
– Wood Processing
– Oil Field