Enhanced Versatility with Hybrid Roller Assembly

stainless guide wheel

Modern Linear is pleased to announce a new family of stainless steel guide rollers/guide wheels for linear motion applications. The Hybrid Roller Assembly (HRA) consists of 3 components; outer tire, radial ball bearing, and inner mounting stud.

There are a variety of options for each part that allow for an assembly that is best suited to the demands, conditions, or environment of the application.

The outer tire can be made from 300 or 400 series stainless steel, as well as standard carbon steel. The size and shape can be altered to run on different shapes of track or rail. Ball bearing options range from standard 52100 deep groove ball bearings, to stainless steel, or full complement ceramic bearings. Special lube options are available, as well as no lube. The inner stud is made from 304 stainless steel. The length, size, and shape can be changed to facilitate any mounting configuration.

The assembly is held together with corrosion resistant snap rings allowing for part combinations to be changed easily.

The HRA is ideal for challenging applications like vacuum chambers, clean rooms, and medical applications. Material selections can optimize performance in clean or highly corrosive environments. There are no plastic or rubber materials that create particulate due to outgassing. The HRA is well suited for demanding R&D projects where machine components must be evaluated to test for their appropriateness in difficult applications.

Due to the inherent design of the HRA, custom linear guide rollers can be produced much more quickly than integral designs.