Integrated Lubricator for Vector Quad

linear guide lubricator

Modern Linear has added to the capabilities of the Vector Quad Linear Guide by introducing the Lubricator and Roller Cover option. Oil saturated felt deposits lubrication between the rollers and track, extending life and reducing maintenance. 2 versions allow for access to adjustable bushings or cover rollers for protection. This is ideal for hard to maintain locations.

Everyone agrees lubrication is good. A lubricated part versus a non-lubricated part is going to have a longer service life, period. Modern Linear Lubricators can be added to existing Vector Quad Linear Guides to continuously apply lubrication to the track. That means a quieter, smoother, more dependable machine for you.

Our simplified design requires no custom parts or hardware. Cover plates and lubricators install easily onto our standard carriages. The Cover Plate is made of 14 gauge, 303 stainless steel, not only making it strong but corrosion resistant as well.

Currently we are offering this upgrade for our size 3 Vector Quad Carriages only. However, we will be expanding that range to not only include all sizes of Vector Quad, but also our DT Linear Guide and Vector Trio range of products as well. This is to ensure that the widest range of applications and machines can benefit from this technology.

For inquiries and design consultations regarding Lubricator/Cover options, please contact our product technicians directly here.

Vector Quad Lubricator Roller Cover 3

Vector Quad Lubricator Roller Cover 2