Integrated Lubricator Now Available for DT Linear Guides

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We are happy to now offer an expansion of our Integrated Lubricators to our linear of Double Track Linear Guides. Oil saturated felt deposits lubrication between the rollers and track, extending life and reducing maintenance. This is ideal for when regular, routine maintenance would be infrequent or impossible.

The new DT Linear Guide Lubricators can be added to all 4 sizes of existing carriages. Our simplified design requires no custom parts or hardware, with no additional machining or hole tapping necessary. The Lubricator plate is made of 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel which offers excellent strength and corrosion resistance. The felt deposits are secured with set screws, and can be re-lubricated through the built in port without having to remove the carriage from the rail/work surface.

With v-groove guide rollers running on v-edge track, there is a metal to metal contact area between the groove and v-edge.  In most applications, maintaining the presence of some lubrication is desirable. However, certain applications may make manual lubrication difficult. The Integrated Lubricator continuously applies oil to the track surface, providing enhanced corrosion resistance and extending operating life of the machine.

For dimensions and specifics on the DT Lubricator, find the catalog page here.

For further information on lubrication in linear motion, find Modern Linear’s take here.


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