Lubrication for Linear Motion Systems

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Everyone agrees lubrication is good. A lubricated part versus a non-lubricated part is going to have a longer service life, period. Lubrication for linear motion systems can be addressed in a number of ways.

Modern Linear guide rollers come pre-lubricated with NLGI #2 grease. This is a standard, medium viscosity grease that is suitable for the majority of applications and environments. Guide rollers are available standard with a metal shield, or a rubber coated steel washer which provides additional protection against moisture and contamination.

For applications where the machinery is pressure washed or cleaned with chemicals, like in the food industry, different lubrication may be required. Standard grease can be swapped out for food-safe options, and the guide rollers can even be equipped with an exterior rubber shield. This will provide the maximum protection against water ingress, and ensure the rollers retain lubrication even after multiple wash down cycles. These are just a few options Modern Linear can make available to customers.

For linear track and other components, time in transit or time on the shelf can be a paramount concern. Modern Linear track is carefully coated with rust inhibitor, then packed in pre-lubricated poly tubing to best fight against corrosion and other environmental damage. Every part that ships out from our shop is carefully inspected, cleaned, wrapped, and protected so as to arrive to our customers in the absolute best possible condition.

linear track lubrication

Modern Linear also offers the Lubricator and Roller Cover option. Oil saturated felt deposits lubrication between the rollers and track, extending life and reducing maintenance. 2 versions allow for access to adjustable bushings or cover rollers for protection. This is ideal for hard to maintain locations.

linear guide lubricator

Lubricators can be added to existing Linear Guides to continuously apply lubrication to the track. That means a quieter, smoother, more dependable machine for you.

The simplified design requires no custom parts or hardware. Cover plates and lubricators install easily onto our standard carriages. The Cover Plate is made of 14 gauge, 303 stainless steel, not only making it strong but corrosion resistant as well.

External lubrication is preferred for most applications; but some applications can run dry. For debris laden environments, like in wood processing or forestry, lubrication or grease may actually work against the machine. As debris collects, the grease from the rolling elements can attract it to those contact points causing build up, binding, and eventually failure. A medium to light compliment of grease inside the rollers, with no external lubrication on other components, is typically the correct option for these kinds of applications. Guide roller technology excels in these conditions as the natural wiping action of the v-edge roller to track interface sweeps away corrosion or contaminate build up.

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