MJ187 Journal Bearings for Linear Applications

IMG 6062 2

Modern Linear now offers the miniature MJ187 Journal Bearing for linear applications. Originally developed for an OEM customer and sold over a five year period, we are now making these parts available to our customers. This journal features a unique, twin bearing design, that forms a 70 degree v-angle.  The Modern Linear MJ187 journal is a direct interchange to competing brands. It is available in eccentric (adjustable) and concentric (non-adjustable) versions.

MJ187 bearing

Visually comparing the size the MJ187 Journal to our smallest stock roller, the VW-1. The MJ187 is ideal for applications where extremely small components are desired or required.


These are the kinds of projects Modern Linear enjoys taking on, as we can respond quickly to customer requests for prototypes and production volume units. For pricing and availability of the Modern Linear MJ187-CNS and MJ187-ENS journal bearings, please contact us on our Contact Form page.

For further information and technical specifications please view the catalog page here.