New Track Clamp Ensures Parallelism

ML Track Clamp Low Head Bush 010

Modern Linear is pleased to introduce our latest product called Track Clamp. This off the shelf part helps you guarantee your track and rail run parallel on your machine.

The Track Clamp is available for use with track sizes 1, 2, and 3.  The profile is the same as the Vector Quad extrusion base.  This design allows for 2 single edge tracks to be mounted with the assurance of parallelism.  This saves time at installation.  Additionally, this design allows for the use of un-drilled tracks.  The track sections are held in position with setscrews.  They can be positioned anywhere along the length of travel based on the position of mounting surfaces.

The system allows the linear guide to span a gap if necessary.

Having intermittent support for linear guide tracks is important in contaminated environments where the desire is to minimize areas where debris can be trapped.  Track Clamps create gaps between the guide and mounting surface allowing debris to fall away from sensitive components.

Using track clamps rather than full length supported guides can also save money without compromising time and cost of installation.

The Track Clamp in all three sizes is available for direct purchase in our Web Store.