Track Clamp: Linear Motion Versatility

linear carriage


Linear Motion Versatility. When you have two pieces of single-edge track, mounting them parallel to one another is a paramount concern. Without ensured parallelism, there is no guarantee your linear system will run smoothly on your machine. The Modern Linear Track Clamp allows the use of two single edge tracks, ensures parallelism for your system, and even enables the track to span a gap.




The Track Clamp is available for use with track sizes 1, 2, and 3. The profile is the same as the Vector Quad extrusion base. This design allows for 2 single edge tracks to be mounted with the assurance of parallelism. This saves time at installation. Additionally, this design allows for the use of un-drilled tracks.

Track Clamp can be positioned for use in the horizontal and horizontal-on-edge configurations to best suit machine design.


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Track Clamps create gaps between the guide and mounting surface allowing debris to fall away from sensitive components. Using track clamps rather than full length supported guides can also save money without compromising time and cost of installation.



The track sections are held in position with setscrews. They can be positioned anywhere along the length of travel based on the position of mounting surfaces. Having intermittent support for linear guide tracks is important in contaminated environments where the desire is to minimize areas where debris can be trapped.

Debris that collects on the system is pushed away by the inherent wiping action of the roller to track interface, as seen in the images below:


Wood debris has collected on the track and carriage system.


After several passes, the inherent wiping action of the roller to track interface has removed some of the debris.


A few more passes and the track has been completely cleared of debris. Excess debris falls through the gaps created by the Track Clamp and to the floor.

Why Parallelism?

Parallelism between two lengths of track is a necessary part of linear system design. With the track parallel you ensure your system is properly balancing load, which in turn helps in prolonging machine component life and improving system accuracy. Without guaranteed parallelism, there is the risk of premature machine failure.

Design & Materials

Our simplified design requires no custom parts or hardware. Track clamp is made of the same material as our Vector Quad extrusion base: T6063 aluminum, anodized for protection. Setscrews are included. The design also allows for the use of the Vector Quad Carriage.

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