Vector Trio: Compact, Versatile Linear Guide

vector trio linear guide

Our Vector Trio line of linear guide systems creates a very compact design, ideal for two rail applications needed to transport large size (wide & long) loads.

The Vector Trio offers an easy to install alternative to individual components. The total assembly is made up of three standard v-groove guide rollers and carriage plate made of anodized 6063 aluminum, fixed together using 18-8 stainless steel hardware. The assembly rides on two pieces of single-edge track in a U-shaped 6063 aluminum extrusion.

vector trio border 2

The benefit of having two lengths of track in the extrusion is that once installed, the system has guaranteed parallelism. With two, separate pieces of track you would need to spend valuable time ensuring they are aligned on your machine. The Vector Trio’s inherent design solves this.


The guide roller and track interface is inherently smooth and fast, but also extremely rugged as well. The Vector Trio is well suited to a wide range of industries such as packaging, wood processing, medical devices, and semiconductor processing.

vector trio border

Depending on the machine and application, the Vector Trio linear guide can also be run in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Both utilize it’s Low Profile design.


The Vector Trio linear guide is available in three sizes with load capacities ranging from 268 lbs. up to 1382 lbs. The rail extrusion is available in standard and custom lengths up to 12 feet.

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