Versatility by Design: Double Track Enhanced Linear Guide Systems



Modern Linear Double Edge Track offers a compact alternative to two single edge tracks. Installation is easier and quicker than single edge track because there are no issues regarding parallelism. The rigid cross section allows for fewer fasteners and the ability for unsupported track to bridge a gap. Double track can be used with guide roller and bushing components for a compact, integrated system.

Alternately, it can be ordered as part of a pre-engineered and pre-assembled linear guide that includes a spacer and complete assembly. In addition to the standard, off the shelf versions, we have advanced and evolved the product line to include a wide range of add-ons and customizations to best suit machine design and application.


Curved & Machined:

Double Track can be customized to best suit machine design in a variety of ways. For a customer transportation application, the track went through several unique processes to make a completely custom part. The standard Double Track was first machined to make the part extremely lightweight. Each piece was then curved to the customer’s specified radius. The track was trimmed, and then plated with Electroless Nickel for added corrosion resistance. The custom mating carriage has wheels positioned at a canted angle to align with the curve of the track.


IMG 6770 2

Curved and machined Double Track for transportation application


IMG 6371 2

Custom carriage with canted wheels to mate to the angle of the curved track


Standoffs & Spacers:

The Double Track Rail is made up of standard Double Edge Track and an accompanying aluminum spacer. The spacer sits below the track and allows for clearance between the carriage rollers and the machine frame. The aluminum spacer can be used for continuous support of the track, or segmented for intermittent support. Intermittent supports are commonly used in high contaminant environments to prevent dust or chips from collecting around the linear guide.

Custom spacer designs are also available by customer request, ranging from a change in material spec to dimensions and fastener options. A customer had a difficult mounting application with the rail connected to a steel tube. A steel spacer with tapped holes allowed the track to be bolted to the spacer and the spacer welded to the tube. This created an extremely robust and rigid linear guide assembly.


IMG 6781 2

Round stand offs can replace a standard spacer for intermittent support


Lubricator Option:

Released this year, the Double Track Integrated Lubricator option allows for continuous lubrication to the rolling elements of your machine. Oil saturated felt deposits lubrication between the rollers and track, extending life and reducing maintenance. This is ideal for when regular, routine maintenance would be infrequent or impossible. The DT Linear Guide Lubricator can be added to all 4 sizes of existing carriages. The simplified design requires no custom parts or hardware, with no additional machining or hole tapping necessary.


IMG 6250 2 e1605305714407

Double Track Carriage Lubricator Option, Size 4


4 Sizes & Custom Carriages:

The Double Track Linear Guide comes with a pre-assembled adjustable carriage made up of our off the shelf guide rollers and adjustable bushings. The carriage is available in 4 sizes, designed to mate with the corresponding 4 sizes of Double Edge Track. In addition to the stock offerings, we have produced custom carriages on customer request to best suit their machine design. Customers have requested longer carriage plates which space the rollers further apart, creating additional rigidity and load capacity. Smaller carriages running on bigger tracks has also been requested to achieve a smaller, more discrete footprint while also minimizing cost.

Material specification can also be changed depending on the application. For two of our oil field customers, all steel material was requested for maximum durability. The carriage plate and track spacer were made from 1018 steel to better stand up to the rigors of oil production.

For our curved ring and track systems, a special Bogey carriage was developed. The special carriage features axles on either end which allow the rollers to pivot as they clear the radius of the curved track.


DTC 3 bogey carriage photo rotated e1605306006596

Custom Bogey Carriage Design with Size 3 Rollers


ENDURO Linear Guide Actuator:

The ENDURO is a belt-driven, actuated linear guide system based on our v-groove guide roller technology. The simple, durable design features Double Track mounted to a rigid, machined steel tube. To facilitate ease of installation and ease of maintenance, off the shelf components were used throughout the design. The 1045 steel Double Track can be specified to any length up to 12 feet.


IMG 5439 2

Double Track equipped ENDURO Linear Guide Actuator


Ring & Track System:

Modern Linear ring and track systems are designed for combined circular and linear motion. Racetracks are available in a wide range of sizes and lengths, all based on our standard Double Track design. Mounting configuration and hardware can be completely customized to best suit application and desired footprint, in combination with our customizable Bogey carriage. A single racetrack allows for multiple carriages to run simultaneously allowing for different assembly operations as part of one continuous system.

For one customer with a material handling application, an extra large racetrack system was requested. This included large, multi piece radius corner sections and a completely custom seam design. For each seam, the ends of the two mating tracks were heavily machined to create a channel where an aluminum key would slip fit into place. The key would be drilled to match the hole spacing of the track and spacer underneath, and when the fixing bolt was installed it created an extremely rigid connection.


IMG 6776 2

Custom seam design with aluminum key fixed in place