Why Modern Linear? Shipping & Packaging.

modern linear

Modern Linear’s customer service goals are to always ship from stock or with the shortest manufacturing lead times in the industry. Our mission is to get the parts to the customer quickly and efficiently, and our expert shipping staff ensure that every order is prepped and packed to the highest industry standards.

While the methods below require extra time and effort, we at Modern Linear feel they are necessary to getting the product to the customer in the best possible condition.

Components & Assemblies

Components such as guide rollers and bushings, and assemblies like our Vector Trio/Vector Quad, are inspected and packed individually. This extra step of quality assurance means that your order arrives exactly as specified.


For a customer requiring our Vacuum Rollers, we even packed them individually in foam inserts.


Track & Rail

Track and rail pose unique shipping challenges. Due to the heavy weight and length of pieces, standard packaging cannot be used. Modern Linear always packs track and rail in Reddi-Crate, with wooden end caps cut to size for extra support during transit.

All track is individually polished, cleaned, inspected and wrapped by our staff before shipping out.



Heavy duty metal strapping provides the extra support needed for long sections of track! This order is locked in and won’t be going anywhere during transit.