Save Installation Time with Studded Guide Rollers

modern linear studded guide rollers

Modern Linear studded guide rollers offer a simplified roller assembly for linear motion applications. Combining the roller with the bushing stand-off and fastener, eliminates 2 additional parts in the system design. Studded rollers are available in standard or adjustable (eccentric) designs as well as long or short studs. This variety offers alternatives for assembly in tapped holes, thin material, or through holes to mount with a washer and nut. Rollers with bushings are still appropriate in applications that require unique or unusual fastener length.



Mounting the Modern Linear studded rollers is made easy due to the socket hex located on the outside of the assembly, opposite the threaded stud. There is no need for special wrenches, or a third hand to to complete the installation. Studded rollers have a lower stand-off than standard mounting bushings, creating a more compact and lower profile assembly. All studs are made from 303 stainless steel and can be combined with all versions of Modern Linear guide rollers: shielded 52100 steel, sealed 52100 steel, or sealed 440 stainless steel.



Modern Linear studded guide rollers are simple to design, install and maintain. In operation, the guide system is compliant and forgiving to mis-alignment and machining inaccuracies. These features result in lower initial, installed, and total cost. See the full range of sizes and options in our Web Store.