Guide roller technology is an excellent choice for contaminated environments often found in packaging and construction equipment. Debris caught between the guide rollers and track is wiped away naturally. These linear motion systems are also extremely durable in shock load conditions. Modern Linear guide rollers are offered with shields or rubber seals for protection against contaminated or moist environments. The seal is superior to wipers common in recirculating ball guides. Additionally, Modern Linear’s Vector linear guide systems are easy to install, and run smoothly on light weight machine frames. Their compliant rail feature eliminates the need for carriage adjustment throughout the life of the system.


Modern Linear guide rollers are extremely smooth, fast and quiet. The internal ball bearings are separated by a nylon retainer. This feature reduces noise common in recirculating ball systems. The balls are also permanently lubricated and sealed from the environment. Guide rollers are capable of 2x the speed of ball bushings and ball rail guides. Our linear motion systems are only limited by the rotary speed of the radial bearing, while recirculating guides are limited by the sharp turn the balls must make as they enter and leave the load zone. Guide rollers can run without external lubrication between the track and rollers, creating a system which requires little maintenance or adjustment once installed.


Electronic and semiconductor industries utilize many of the benefits of linear motion systems required in medical applications. Smoothness combined with low noise and high speed capabilities are necessary to meet the demands of the semiconductor industry. The circular ball path creates smooth, fast, and quiet movement often required by high value wafer processing equipment. Special lubricants and plating options are available to meet the demands of specific semiconductor applications.


Guide roller technology is an excellent choice for a wide variety of industrial machinery and commercial applications. Components are low cost and easy to design for simple mechanisms such as door and machinery enclosure guides. V-groove rollers are compliant and forgiving to machining inaccuracies and misalignment. Our linear motion systems are durable and long lasting in applications where maintenance is infrequent. Modern Linear guide rollers are a good choice when the best answer is a product that’s simple to design, install and maintain.

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