ENDURO Linear Guide Actuator

The ENDURO is a belt-driven, actuated linear guide system based on our v-groove guide roller technology. The simple, durable design features Double Track mounted to a rigid, machined steel tube. To facilitate ease of installation and ease of maintenance, off the shelf components were used throughout the design.

The ENDURO is available using size 2 or size 3 v-groove guide rollers, with load capacity up to 1528 pounds. The carriage is available in 6061 aluminum or steel, and features built-in felt lubricator to provide a continuous film of oil to rolling elements as needed.

The 1045 steel Double Track can be specified to any length up to 12 feet. Two bolt flange bearings mated to aluminum pulleys drive a maintenance free, steel reinforced belt. The belt adjustment is located in the carriage for easy access.

The pulley shafts can be completely customized to best suit machine design and offers unlimited possibilities for drive input.


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