Guide Rollers (Plain)

Modern Linear Guide Rollers incorporate double row, angular contact ball bearings resulting in excellent load capacity and long life under radial, axial, and combination loads. The super-finished raceways of Modern Linear guide rollers offer superior speed and performance. These raceways translate to smoother and quieter operation in linear applications. The outer race incorporates a 90° v-groove as well as a 90° v-chamfer. This allows the roller to ride on a v-edge track or in a 90° v-groove.

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Modern Linear’s guide roller are available in 52100 bearing steel as well as 440c stainless steel (SS).  Standard units come with a steel shield. An “X” suffix indicates a rubber coated steel washer for sealing to protect against moist environments. Guide rollers come pre-lubricated with NLGI #2 grease. External lubrication is preferred for most applications; but some applications can run dry. There are five sizes available ranging from size 1 with 134 lbs of radial load capacity, up to size 4XXL with 1,710 lbs of radial load capacity. For more detailed size and load capacity information refer to the tables below.

Guide roller components offer a versatile solution to a multitude of linear motion applications. All guide rollers have mating, complementary bushings and track. These components can be integrated into machine framing for a discrete and low cost automated system. Guide rollers offer a high performance and economical solution for a wide variety of applications.

Modern Linear guide rollers are completely interchangeable with industry standard rollers. Guide rollers may also be referred to as guide wheels, v-groove bearings, and cam rollers. They are dimensionally equal to existing Dual-Vee and Schatz guide wheels, and will run on existing track.