Unique Products & Features

ENDURO Linear Guide Actuator

The ENDURO is a belt-driven, actuated linear guide system based on our v-groove guide roller technology. The simple, durable design features Double Track mounted to a rigid, machined steel tube. To facilitate ease of installation and ease of maintenance, off the shelf components were used throughout the design. The pulley shafts can be completely customized to best suit machine design and offers unlimited possibilities for drive input.

Hex Socket on Studded Rollers

Mounting the Modern Linear studded rollers is made easy due to the socket hex located on the outside of the assembly, opposite the threaded stud. There is no need for special wrenches, or a third hand to to complete the installation. Studded rollers have a lower stand-off than standard mounting bushings, creating a more compact and lower profile assembly.

Knurled Face on Bushings

The face of the mounting surface is knurled to resist slipping once locked into place. This feature improves the holding ability of the bushing and guide roller once it has been adjusted, eliminating bushing slip, a leading cause of maintenance in this type of linear system. This is especially helpful in applications where vibrations are present or loads are shifting.

Double Edge Linear Track

Modern Linear Double Edge Track offers a compact alternative to two single edge tracks. Installation is easier and quicker than single edge track because there are no issues regarding parallelism. The rigid cross section allows for fewer fasteners and the ability for unsupported track to bridge a gap.

Compliant Rail for Vectors

The compliant rail design works by allowing one of the mating track sections to float inside the rail, while the opposing track section is rigidly fixed. The floating track creates a preload against the carriage rollers. A section of O-ring cord located behind the floating track acts as a spring to create the carriage preload.  The floating rail automatically adjusts for machining inaccuracies, misalignment and tolerance stack-up, to maintain fit-up between the rail and carriage.

Track Clamp

The Track Clamp allows the linear guide to span a gap if necessary. Having intermittent support for linear guide tracks is important in contaminated environments where the desire is to minimize areas where debris can be trapped. Track Clamps create gaps between the guide and mounting surface allowing debris to fall away from sensitive components. This design also allows for 2 single edge tracks to be mounted with the assurance of parallelism. This saves time at installation. Additionally, this design allows for the use of un-drilled tracks.